About this Initiative

The theme is tax simplification and it's developed around the pop culture classic The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Recall that Dorothy, her Terrier Toto and three eclectic sidekicks travel from Munchkinland to Emerald City in search of enlightenment. Their journey is one of self-discovery along the Yellow Brick Road, dubbed that because of the debate in the 1890s around international monetary policy, with the traveled route representing the “gold standard”.

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Tax simplification is a politicized topic. Politicians endlessly talk about doing it, but don’t. The IRS doesn’t talk about doing it, but can....and should. PlainTaxTalk examines the principles of plain language, the gold standard for written communications, and how their application can transform the quality of the massive amount of murky information that flows from the IRS to the public.

Plain language is all about providing understandable communications. By providing taxpayers with communications that allow them to better understand their tax responsibilities, the IRS can close in on its crowning Mission – lofty tax compliance levels.

PlainTaxTalk challenges the IRS to self-discover plain language and chart a new course down a road to clarity and precision, taking with it millions of enlightened American taxpayers. Come join us on this renaissance adventure.